Aimee Mann

REVIEW: Aimee Mann - Charmer

Her first release since 2008, Charmer is Aimee Mann's eighth studio album, her third record with producer Paul Bryan and sixth out on SuperEgo, who she turned to in 2000 when Geffen didn't think Bachelor No. 2 or Last Remains Of The Dodo could pull its weight (looks like the joke was on them.) If you're not familiar with Aimee Mann now might be the time to tell you that her songwriting isn't all sunshine and flowers. Known for her honesty and ability to find the darker side of your imagination, Mann is atypical and sure of herself. She is proud and consistent in her records, and in addition to being an Oscar Nominated songwriter – her song "Save Me" was essentially the theme of Paul Thomas Anderson's 1999 film, Magnolia -  she has the distinction of having an entire episode of Portlandia dedicated to her and her music.

One listen to Charmer and it’s clear that Mann’s knack for songwriting has barely faded through the years. She knows how to write an unusual hook (see the track "Labrador") and as the title track demonstrates, she knows how to get it stuck in your head. Her use of long pauses and extended syllables all but guarantee you'll find yourself humming the song at the grocery store, cooking or simply walking down the street. Those "Oo-ee-Oooh's" WILL get you every time.