Alabama Shakes

Farm Aid 2016

Farm Aid 2016

Willie Nelson, along with Neil Young and John Mellencamp, founded farm Aid in 1985 when American farmers were in the midst of a mortgage crisis that was forcing many small farmers to leave their land. Through the concert, modeled on the Live Aid event that took place earlier that year, the performers hoped to raise money and awareness to help those farmers along. The event was a huge success, and turned into a tradition that has lasted for over three decades, with a large concert held at a different location each year.

THIS JUST IN: Virgin Fest Announces 2012 Lineup!!

The time for guessing is OVER. This morning via twitter, the good folks behind the Virgin Mobile Freefest released this years lineup into the world and there was much rejoicing. 

As usual/expected, there's a little bit for everyone to see here, and with acts like Jack White, The Dismemberment Plan, Alabama Shakes and more on the bill, it's sure to be a day that we'll be talking about for a long time to come.

You can see the entire lineup HERE, and check out the full press release below to see how to score tickets to this epic event. Before that though, here's one of our favorite memories from Freefests of days gone by. We miss you LCD. Sniff

Best of far

What happens when you put a bunch of music nerds in a room and ask them to talk about their favorite music of the year so far? Why you get a Top Ten List of course! There's been a metric sh@# ton of great music this year, with new releases from the likes of Punch Brothers, Leonard Cohen, Alabama Shakes and more, but ultimately there can be only TEN that make the cut.

With over sixty albums mentioned the whittling down process was arduous and sometimes painful, but in the end we came together and saw our way through the adversity/diversity to deliver unto you this list of the best that 2012 to date has to offer. 

#10 Hospitality - Hospitality

KEVIN - New York hasn’t sounded this cool since the glorious heyday of CBGB’s, Blondie and The Talking Heads. Complex, confident, and unabashedly poppy, this is easily the most memorable debut record from any band on a long, LONG while. 


ANDRE - I recommend talking to Kevin on this one. Just remind him that the first step is accepting you have a problem.  I dig it as well, just not as much as Kevin...because that's impossible.

ChunkyGlasses THE PODCAST - Episode 5: Taking Off The Sock

In which the team seeks answers to universal mysteries like catfights at a Magnetic Fields show, Star Wars disco, and  Kevin offers up tips on how to prevent a bear attack PLUS new music from M. Ward, Alabama Shakes, Eidolons, Chromatics and Colorado's Lumineers. 

So grab a seat, grab a beer and strap in, because this might get ugly.

REVIEW: Boys & Girls - Alabama Shakes

 " this album actually makes you feel. It gets under your skin, and that's what music is all about, y’all."

How does a nascent band with an unreleased album end up on a SXSW bill with the likes of Andrew Bird and Sharon Van Etten, just after taping a session of Austin City Limits?  Or become both NPR and Paste Magazine’s Best New Artist of the Year, and find a place on Billboard’s Best Bets for 2012 list, and again, do it all before the album is even out?  Alabama Shakes does it by being just that good, son, and don’t you forget it.

It’s a rare and beautiful thing when a band can evoke a lot of other sounds, yet be derivative of nothing. There’ve already been gallons of ink spilled for reviews of the album despite its only weighing in at 11 songs and a scant 37 minutes (not counting the bonus Heavy Chevy, which adds another 2:41), but one listen and you’ll totally get why this band has been invited to every music festival on Planet Earth this summer.


All words/pictures by ace contributor Suzanne Wnek

I just attended my first SXSW and I got everything wrong. But even if you get everything wrong at SXSW, it’s an experience you cant’ help but love, and hey, there’s always next year.

First things first: if you’ve never been to SXSW, it’s not like a huge park with 2 or 3 stages and the acts rotate through while you decide in which field you’re going to sit. Instead, it’s as if all your favorite bars and music venues in the world relocated within a one-mile radius (give or take…someone out there was probably wearing a pedometer).  In those 100s of venues, 1000s of bands can play 40-minute sets over the course of 5 days, and they will.