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Episode 200: Bob Boilen

Episode 200: Bob Boilen

Sixteen years ago, All Songs Considered’s Bob Boilen didn’t just change the game with his podcast about the music he loved and nothing but, he pretty much INVENTED the game.

Now Bob has set his sights on the literary world with his new book Your Song Changed My Life. A collection of conversations that is “…less like a record and more like a stack of 45’s,” Your Song Changed My Life checks in with some of rock and roll’s biggest names, as well as a few up -and -coming greats to explore not just what makes these artists tick, but why music is so important to us all.

For our 200th episode we’re sitting down with Bob to talk about his book, his life as a journalist (and other things), what drives his love of music, and much, much more.

Whether you’re a fan of All Songs Considered, a creative looking for inspiration or just a lover of music, this podcast might change your life.

Episode 149: Tortoise - The Catastrophist

Episode 149: Tortoise - The Catastrophist

Revered jazz/prog/post-rock purveyors Tortoise are back with their new album, The Catastrophist.

All Songs Considered turns 16 with a jam packed musical blowout at the 9:30 Club right here in Washington, DC.

Chicago's Crown Larks take the legacy of Tortoise straight to the future. 

Oh...and Glenn Frey of The Eagles is gone.

Welcome back to the basement. We missed you.