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Press Play: Blitzen Trapper - "Taking It Easy Too Long" (Video)

And you thought that the Trapper boys were done taking over the world. In addition to announcing a smattering of Spring tour dates for 2012 they also dropped a brand new video for American Goldwing's "Taking It Easy To Long" on the world.

So take er easy, check out the goods below, and be sure to catch Blitzen Trapper out on tour when they're in your neck of the woods, which will  be the best thing you do in 2012, we promise.


Blitzen Trapper 2012 Tour Dates
Mar 3 Arcata CA @ Humboldt Brews Tickets
Mar 5 Sacramento CA @ Harlow's  Tickets
Mar 6 Visalia CA @ The Cellar Door Tickets
Mar 7 Los Angeles CA @ Troubadour Tickets
Mar 9 Santa Barbara CA @ SOhO Restaurant and Music Club Tickets
Mar 10  Long Beach CA @ Alex's Bar Tickets
Mar 11 Phoenix AZ @ The Crescent Ballroom Tickets
Mar 12 Tucson AZ @ Club Congress Tickets
Mar 19  Albuquerque NM @ Launchpad
 Mar 20 Telluride CO @ Sheridan Opera House Tickets
Mar 22 Salt Lake City UT @ The State Room Tickets
Mar 23 Boise, ID @ Treefort Music Fest

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Review: Blitzen Trapper - American Goldwing

The band Blitzen Trapper has made a pretty good career out of exploring the stranger side of Americana.

With their 2007 album Wild Mountain Nation, they gave us a weird sort of garage rock from outer space. On 2008’s Furr, they delved more into their folk leanings and gave the world a title track that may well be one of the best songs of the 21st century to date.

Not content with that creative and commercial success, in 2010 the band headed directly for the shire and produced a straight up 20-sided die rolling masterpiece of hobbit rock, otherwise known as Destroyer of the Void. A stylistically bold move, Void seemed to embrace every weird musical urge that the band members had ever had. It was raw, fascinating and unexpected. But most of all, it worked. Like gangbusters. In fact the only question left for most after hearing Destroyer of the Void was where the hell the band would go next with its music.

How about 1974?

Daily Listen: Big Star - "Don't Lie To Me"

Did I mention that this week is sorta Blitzen Trapper week. Well it is.

With the band releasing American Goldwing, it's time travelling, genre redfining new album just yesterday (read our review here) we figured now would be a great time to take a look back at the band that very clearly have their hooks in the bands DNA. And one of those bands is without a doubt Big Star. 

Big Star combined MASSIVE guitar hooks with the smart, poignant lyrics of songwriter Alex Chilton to produce what many consider to be THE soundtrack of the 70's. Their music bled cool, and if you're gonna even attempt to capture that Econline vibe that the bulk of popular music form the 70's is known for, then your lessons postively have to begin and end with Big Star.

This track off of their album #1 Record, could have been put out by any variety of "retro" bands today, but they would never have been able to capture the off the rails bad assness of the real thing. That is unless you're Blitzen Trapper. Slide this song into any slot on American Goldwing and not only would you be surprised how well it fit, you might be fooled outright as to who is actually perfoming it. That's a testament to the quality of both bands music, and in the end what makes both bands the legends/near legends that they are.

Big Star - "Don't Lie To Me"


Daily Listen: Joe Walsh - "Turn To Stone"

Blitzen Trapper's American Goldwing is out TODAY and we're taking the opportunity this week to explore some of the history that clearly went into the making of that album.

Today's lesson comes to you from one Joe Walsh. Before he joined The Eagles and toned it down a little bit, Walsh was a wee bit of a shredder. In fact, Walsh's music was pretty much what the 70's were all about. Simple riffs. Epic Guitar solos. Moustaches. 

His influence is strong on Goldwing, especially on tracks like "Street Fighting Son" and "Fletcher". But in usual fashion, the Trapper boys some how manage to take something that was already awesome, and make it their own. 

Don't take my word for it though. Experience Walsh at his ass-rocky (I mean that lovingly) best in the clip below.

Daily Listen: The Faces - "Miss Judy's Farm"

American Goldwing, Blitzen Trapper's exploration of a groovier 70's than might have ever been drops tomorrow and EVERYONE should be really excited. Not only is it one of the best records of the year so far, it might be the best of the bands career. 

To celebrate we're going to take a little time this week to look back at where all of this awesome would have come from. First up is a track by a little band called The Faces. You might have heard of them on account of their singer Rod Stewart becoming slightly more famous in his latter years. Or maybe you've heard of Ronnie Wood. You know, that guitarist for The Rolling Stones?

Well, if you haven't than get ready to have DNA altered, because this track from their 1972 album, A Nod Is As Good As A Wink...To A Blind Horse, taps into the core of whatever place that pure rock comes from. A place that Blitzen Trapper has tapped into on American Goldwing, to which we can only say "It's about freaking time!"

Can you dig it? I know we can. Now dig this why don't you.

The Faces - "Miss Judy's Farm"

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Daily Listen: Blitzen Trapper - "Love The Way You Walk Away"


SEE Blitzen Trapper rehearsing

WITNESS as Blitzen Trapper packs up the van

BE AMAZED as Blitzen Trapper contemplates

WATCH as Blitzen Trapper shoots sh@#

Be AWESTRUCK by the awesomeness of
the new single from American Goldwing

American Goldwing is will be released proper on September 13, but you can stream the entire album right now over at Paste as well as just about every other place on the internets you can think of.

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Daily Listen - Blitzen Trapper - War On Machines

Blitzen Trapper has a new record coming out September 23 (f@#@ yea!!) and our sources tell us that American Goldwing may in fact be the best thing the band has ever done. This should come as no surprise though as almost everything, in our estimation at least, is the best thing they've ever done. Trapper is a band that has never really made misstep in the entirety of their career, and we don't expect them to now. With 3, soon to be 4, Sub-Pop albums under their belt, the band is doing something that a lot of other bands seem to have forgot about these days: they consistently make music. It seems like it's not a year without a Blitzen Trapper record, and that level of prolificness is what being a musician is what it's supposed to be all about my friends.

This track from 2008's Furr, is a perfect example of how the band has learned to maintain the over the top psychedelic freak out sound of their younger days, and still wrap it in, well, a Trappernes, that turns it into a perfect little rock song. Their blend of garage rock urgency and earnest folkitude certainly isn't anything new, but you've rarely, if ever, heard it done quite this well. 

Blitzen Trapper - War On Machines

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