Andy ZIpf

LIVE: Heather Maloney w/Laura Tsaggais and Andy Zipf

We attended  all kinds of shows during our Rocktober coverage here at Chunky Glasses, from the smallest clubs in town to large venues such the Patriot Center. That’s one of the great things about the DC music scene – without looking too hard, you can find excellent tunes just about anywhere. So it was that we found ourselves at the 16th Street home of drummer Ben Tufts for a fantastic house concert with locals Laura Tsaggaris and Andy Zipf, and Northampton, Massachusetts’ Heather Maloney. Tufts’ cozy basement proved to be the perfect venue for an intimate show by three wonderful up-and-coming singer/songwriters. Each of these artists write beautiful melodies, but also possess astounding voices, and to hear them in such a small space was truly a gift.