REVIEW: The Wooden Sky - Every Child A Daughter, Every Moon A Sun

In today’s world of blink and you miss it hits and pop up bands that spring forth from the darkest corners of the internet, only to just as quickly disappear back into the laptop from whence they came, it’s far to easy to forget this simple fact: If you’re a musician your main, and ultimate goal should be to make good music.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s not only a place, but there is a necessity for the boundary pushers out there to do what they do. It fuels creativity and shines the light on the hidden potential of a moment or sound. But just because you’re the first person who thought of recording your hyperactive Chihuahua’s yelps through fourteen delay pedals* (half analog/half digital) while someone plays a digeri-bong in the background, as interesting as that may be, doesn’t mean your job is finished. You’ve got to give it melody. You’ve got to give it soul.  You’ve got to ground it in something.