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Episode 373: Childqueen - Kadhja Bonet

Episode 373: Childqueen - Kadhja Bonet

On our latest podcast, soul/jazz polymath Kadhja Bonet is back with the follow up to her remarkable 2016 debut, The Visitor, and the more things have changed, the more they have stayed the same. Bursting with the uniquely impossible smoothness and impeccable sophistication that defined The VisitorChildqueen is a singular that mood feels as fresh as it does timeless. Special guest Marcus J. Moore (Senior Editor, Bandcamp) joins us to journey through this latest weird and wonderful that Bonet has shared. 

PLUS! Israel Nash is back with some potent good vibes, and we've got the first single of off his upcoming LP for you to get lost in!

LIVE: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion @ U Street Music Hall - 10/5/10

“Blues! Explosion!”

These were the words that proto-rocker Jon Spencer shouted out and after just about every damn song, hawking his band like some old time travelling salesman hawking snake oil. But there was nothing disingenuous about The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion’s performance Friday night at U Street Music Hall. In fact it’s safe to say that judging by the walls of feedback, subhuman wails and sweat that flowed off of the stage, there has never been a more appropriately named band in Rock and Roll history.

Rarely does an artist so evenly match their musical abilities with their showmanship, but Jon Spencer and crew have been doing this for over twenty years, so that they put on a hell of a show in the truest sense of the term should come as no surprise. Touring in support of their latest effort, Meat and Bone, the trio ripped and shredded their way through tracks “Black Mold,” “Ice Cream Killer” and “Black Thoughts” with Spencer howling/growling at the mic in fits and spurts between leaps in the air, splits and over the top guitar heroics that easily shamed the majority of performers half Spencer’s age. Which is not to say that it was unexpected in so much as to ask the question “When are kids these days gonna sack the f@#@ up and put on a show?”