Aokify America

TO DO LIST: Aokify America Tour TONIGHT @ Merriweather Post Pavilion

Turn up! Get lucky! Drop the bass!

Whether beloved or reviled, these three terms have dominated EDM’s mainstream rise in the past five years. Thus, it makes perfect sense that at the apex of the movement’s moment in the son, that Dim Mak Records boss Steve Aoki would pull together notorious bass king Borgore, trap music deity Waka Flocka Flame, America’s favorite hipster Pharrell Williams and a few other friends to tour the country and “Aokify America.”

What exactly does “Aokifying America” mean? Well, until he got the bright idea to combine the best parts of 80s shock comic Gallagher sending projectile bits of food (in Aoki’s case enormous sheet cakes) into a suspecting audience, it was all about Aoki having one of the most progressive - yet somehow right on time - takes on big-room and stadium ready hard house music. If the producer has become a superstar in the last half-decade, he likely has a release or two on Aoki’s Los Angeles-based Dim Mak label, or, he’s remixed a few of his tracks.