Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire @ Capital One Arena - 9/16/2017

Arcade Fire @ Capital One Arena - 9/16/2017

The penultimate song on The Suburbs was an inflection point for Arcade Fire. The track, “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains),” featured an exuberant Regine Chassagne on vocals over a retro-glossy synth-pop track. It suggested that her real comfort zone was not in aspirational arena-filling anthems, but on the dance floor. Although the album went on to win Album of the Year at the Grammys, the sound that Arcade Fire was known for changed in line with the new musical times - more “Sprawl II” than “Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels).” Their latest album Everything Now signaled that it wasn’t just a phase - the title track and other tracks are more danceable than anything in their back catalog but at the expense of the anthemic qualities of their earlier work.

Episode 32.5: Arcade Fire - Reflektor

Kevin, Paul and Madelyn dive headfirst into Arcade Fire’s highly anticipated fourth album, Reflektor, to find out if all the hype is true and the band lives up to its legacy, or if the Montreal collective has finally slipped and ceded their indie throne as one of the world’s biggest, and best bands.

EPISODE 32.5: Arcade Fire - Reflektor

Episode 28: Rise Of The Funky Robots

This week we journey to a basement in a galaxy far, far away to talk about Bruno Mars Super Bowl plans, the latest single from Arcade Fire (“Reflektor”) and the revelation that Vince Gill is just a straight up badass. PLUS!!! We go deep into the robot revolution with Janelle Monáe’s latest opus, The Electric Lady!!

EPISODE 28: Rise of the Funky Robots

ROCKTOBER 2012: 2007 - You Can't Put A Price Tag On A Rainbow

 2007 was the year where bands reuniting wasn’t quite overdone, so when Sting & The Police finally set aside their differences and hit the road in honor of “Roxanne”’s 30th anniversary, the music world was elated. After nearly a decade apart, Zach de la Rocha returned to front his old band Rage Against The Machine. Conveniently enough, his fellow bandmates were still playing together in Audioslave, but now that Rage had returned, their fans who were angry and wanted change back in the 90s were now older, wiser, and probably still just as angry, but happy that their favorite band was back onstage. On the flipside, The Spice Girls reunited. THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.


As the years went on, and more and more households acquired the internet, piracy became a huge hot button topic. With leak culture being huge and artists and record labels struggling to combat it, some actually took the opportunity to capitalize on it. Free from their contract with Capitol Records, Radiohead did the unthinkable. Not only did they announce that their latest release, In Rainbows, would be out in 10 days, but they defied all logic and told people they could pay what they wanted for this new album.

LIVE MUSIC: Plants and Animals @ The Red Palace - 4/6/12

“Plants and Animals” is an apt name for a band that doesn’t quite know what it is.  They’ve been around for ten years, but their LPs make a pretty good go of trying to cover every genre without settling on one cohesive ideal, like a collection of musical schizophrenia.  The band’s show on Friday at the Red Palace maintained that vein, and if you closed your eyes and simply listened, you would at times have had no idea if you were listening to fellow Canadians Arcade Fire or an old Rush album.

The show opened with a great big wall of dancey-jammy-basey sound and a “How’re you doing, Austin?”  We’ll excuse the confusion, P&A, because you’ve been on constant tour and openly said how damn tired everyone was, you had five dates at SXSW last month (but then again, even that guy who plays the plastic tubs outside the Verizon Center had a five-show gig at SXSW this year), and it’s not like you can see the Washington Monument from H Street.  Moving quickly into “Good Friend,” from 2008’s Parc Avenue, proved a solid move -- the three-quarter capacity crowd broke into spontaneous mass head-bobbing, and who wouldn’t love a song that includes the lyrics “It takes a good friend to say you’ve got your head up your ass?”  The audience largely consisted of a few mega-fans and the people they’d dragged with them, so getting right to a good, hooky song led to a whole lot of See, man, I told you they were awesome

Congratulations to The Arcade Fire!! "The Suburbs" = ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!

I TOLD you losers it was their best album!!!

Way to go guys!!!!