Episode 343: The Sounds of Washington, DC, Part 2 - Chocolate City

Episode 343: The Sounds of Washington, DC, Part 2 - Chocolate City

Known to most of the world as a political playground, Washington, D.C. is a city where decisions that shape the course of, not just American, but HUMAN history, are made every day. More than that though, D.C. is a city where cultures collide resulting in a creative class that produces some of the most compelling and diverse art in the world. Built on the legacy of jazz and go-go, D.C. is on the cusp of a creative explosion and bringing everything from hip-hop to indie rock into the fold.

In part two of our Sounds of Washington, DC series, we're joined by the duo April + Vista, one of the city's rising stars, to explore a little bit of the history of "Chocolate City", some of the music that made the nation's capital such a fertile landscape for African-American musicians to thrive in, and how economic shifts and gentrification have changed things for that tradition, maybe for good. 

Daily Listen: Basehead - "Play With Toys"

Back in 1992, people were just starting to realize the potential of mixing Hip Hop with, well, everything, so that's just what DC-based Basehead did.

Throwing in everything but the kitchen sink Play With Toys hops through genre after genre without ever sounding clumsy or pandering to the genre it's pulling from. Add to that the fact that this album was mostly recorded in bandleader Michael Ivey's DC home and you have a stunning example of what can be done with just a little willpower and vision.




Basehead - "Play With Toys"

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