Beirut @ Lincoln Theatre - 11/4/15

Beirut @ Lincoln Theatre - 11/4/15

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Beirut, with the band’s last album, The Rip Tide, having been released over four years ago. That’s nearly an eternity in the always-changing music business, and many artists might be afraid to drop off of the radar for so long, for fear of finding that their audience had turned fickle and disappeared in the intervening years. Yet bandleader Zach Condon has never been one to rush anything out – a similar interval passed between The Rip Tide and the album before it, The Flying Cup Club – and with the release of the band’s fourth album No No No in September, he’s been proven right in his decision. With two back-to-back sold out shows at the Lincoln Theatre on Tuesday and Wednesday last week to open the east coast leg of their tour, it appears that fans of the band haven’t forgotten.

Best of 2011 Day 2: Andre's picks

Hope everyone enjoyed Ethan's picks yesterday. Today we move on to Andre's picks, which per his instructions are in no particular order. But, um, he may like Blitzen Trapper a little bit.


Fruit Bats - Tripper

I've never been addicted to crack, but there were times this year that I understood what it was like when you just needed that fix. Easily the album that got the most spins on the old player this year for me, or at least the album I would have gone on Maury Povich to tell the world that I've accepted that I have a problem.