Bernadette and the Salesman

LIVE MUSIC: Lambchop @ IOTA - 4/15/12

As anyone in DC knows, this city can get a little high strung at times. It can be a stressful, restless place where hanging out at a club, bar, or show doesn’t necessarily mean the work talk is over. Looking for that next network opportunity is always lurking behind that seemingly friendly conversation. It’s both an advantage and limitation of this great city, but sometimes it makes it difficult to just take a breather and relax. That’s why we all just need a button that can cue Lambchop when we find ourselves stuck in these behaviors and situations. 

Focused around the creative nucleus of Nashville via Maryland resident Kurt Wagner, Lambchop is a musical collective that plays what is best described as “country lounge music.” Utilizing a lyrical delivery that is somewhere between a crooner from the 1950’s and a poet reading his latest passages into the microphone, Wagner makes the performance feel more like a conversation with an old friend who has a knack for great storytelling.