Big Generator

Rocktober Day 23: Yes - Big Generator


We’ve already talked about the band Yes once in this years Rocktober series and it wasn’t pretty. On 90125 the band their  legacy of being the purveyors of mind bending and mind bend-ingly good progressive rock, and threw it to the wolves in favor of a more commercial approach to making the wearing of capes in public acceptable. On 1987’s Big Generator the band, still rolling in awful 80’s mode, packed up the healing crystals and set off on yet another trip across time, space and the lack of even a shred of good taste.

Big Generator is a fractured record full of nothing but fail that somehow got burned into the collective consciousness of anyone who grew up with in earshot of the era in which it was released. With Trevor Rabin again pushing his vision of cleaner, poppier, more futuristic Yes, the group pushed forward despite the fact that numerous members of the band, who, you know, were actually IN Yes when they were great, complained and pushed for a return to the more traditional space-whale-friendly sounds of the bands youth. That return to form was not to be though, and what we’re left with was one of the greatest examples of what happens to a band when you replace their mystic healing crystals with a bunch of Hypercolor shirts and a Casio keyboard.