Bill Fay

TRACKING: Bill Fay - "This World"

SOUNDS LIKE: Ray Davies, The Traveling Wilburys, English cool circa the early 70's
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Bill Fay is a one of musics lost legends and now he's back and brought a heart stoppingly gorgeous album with him. Need we say more? 

Bill Fay didn’t come by fame the quick and easy way. “He” as the saying goes “earned it.” In 1971, with just two albums under his belt, he was dumped from his label due to poor sales and for all intents and purposes disappeared off of the musical map for over 30 years. But gone doesn’t mean forgotten and over the years Fay’s music has been cited as being a major influence on artists like Nick Cave, Jim O’Rourke and Jeff Tweedy, to name a few. This week Fay finally returned to the spotlight with the release of Life Is People, an album 30 years in the making. Even without a label, Fay never stopped writing songs and as a result People is, in the truest sense, the fruit of a lifetime spent pursuing ones art.  

“This World”, the first single from the album, is exactly the type of perfectly crafted pop missive that fans have come to expect from Fay. A straightforward commentary on modern day life wrapped in a sugary coating of pure pop confection, “This World” sounds as vital as it does timeless and it’s just the tip of the iceberg of an album that come years end is going to be one that everyone is talking about.