Billy Squier

New Releases - 2.29.11: Lovely, lovely locks of rock

Well, looks like we've got a few high-ish profile releases this weak with the new effort from The Mountain Goats, as well as a new one from Peter Bjorn and John (read our review). Beyond that you've got your obligatory Britney Spears record, confirmation that the band Sum 41 is still around (really? who knew?) and WHITESNAKE. No shit. Not to be outdone, the dynamic duo of Ashford and Simpson are keeping on keeping on and also have a new release, which we can only hope is a James Murphy produced 12 inch remix of "Solid" or something. But really, it's not. And it's called "Street Opera". Sigh.

Lastly though, we've got an album whose very existence not only bends the laws of reality with it's unpossibly contradictive title, it does so with hair that will make even a grown man like myself weep.