Florence and the Machine / Blood Orange @ Huntington Bank Pavilion [CHI] - 5/23/2019

Florence and the Machine / Blood Orange @ Huntington Bank Pavilion [CHI] - 5/23/2019

On the opening night of Northerly Island’s annual concert series at the Huntington Bank Pavilion outdoor amphitheater, Florence and the Machine brought the High as Hope tour to a city finally broken from a merciless winter.

Episode 180: Bleached - Welcome the Worms

Episode 180: Bleached - Welcome the Worms

With spaces for the arts becoming scarcer and scarcer in Washington, DC and other cities, should we turn to abandoned office parks in our suburbs for answers? 

California trio Bleached is back with Welcome The Worms, their strongest release yet. At least according to some of us.

Electronic musician Tim Hecker takes a trip into the inner-space on his new album Love Streams and we've got a taste for you. 

LIVE: Bleached w/Hunters @ DC9 - 4/18/13

The best thing about venues like DC9 is that, if you are lucky, you can catch “the next big thing” before they start playing the bigger rooms down the street in a space barely bigger than a DC basement. If you are very lucky, as the audience last Thursday was, you can catch a full bill of up and coming acts with a few dozen of your closest friends.

The first band to hit the stage, DC’s own Priests, has garnered extensive praise from the local press for its brash, raw riffs and commanding stage presence. They packed the house early and infused the room with a buzzy energy before either of the evening’s main events even unpacked their gear.

The room barely had a chance to catch its collective breath before Hunters took to the stage. Hailing from Brooklyn, Hunters practice the kind of high energy, low fidelity post punk revivalism that would have played just as well at the Mercury Lounge in 2003 as it did on Thursday night. Indeed, watching lead singer Isabel Almeida scream into the mic and writhe about on the stage (and in the audience…and balled up in her shirt…) conjured visions of nothing less than Karen O’s antics at the, now legendary, early Yeah Yeah Yeahs shows.

TO DO LIST: Hunters and Bleached TONIGHT @ DC9!!

Thursdays kind of suck.  The weekend is so close you can almost taste it but you know you still have to go into work tomorrow.  So you have a few drinks at happy hour, maybe stay out a little later than usual...and then head home slightly buzzed but unsatisfied (unless you are a college student, in which case every day is the weekend).  

Well, screw that.  This week get your weekend started early (and right) by joining us tonight at DC9 for raucous sets by Hunters and Bleached.

Hailing from Brooklyn, Hunters practice the brand of high energy, lo-fi indie punk that you might expect to hear from your neighbor's garage band...if your neighbor's garage band was really freaking good, had a pair of dynamic lead singers playing off each other, and had gotten Nick Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) to produce its next EP.

Bleached (Jennifer and Jessie Clavin) formed from the ashes of cultishly adored, all-female punk band Mika Miko.  Bleached keeps some of the punk but adds sunnier pop hooks and an updated girl group sound (think early Dum Dum Girls with a grungier sound palate).  In short, these ladies rock hard enough to make you think its already the weekend (and it may be by the time they exit the stage).

Doors open at 8:00.  The first act goes on at 8:30 (first opener, Priests).  Tickets are still available.  Be there.

Hunters - "Deadbeat"

Bleached - "Next Stop"