Bring It On

LIVE MUSIC: Gomez @ The 9:30 Club - 3/12/12

Sometimes seeing a band you used to love can be a lot like answering that drunken, 2AM phone call from an ex. You know it’s not a good idea, but you do it anyways. Maybe you’re lonely. Maybe you’re bored.. Maybe you’re just taking advantage of a situation simply because you can. Invariably though, the reasons don’t matter, because the results are always the same. You wake up in the morning, likelihood of a hangover high, and spend the rest of the day dodging questions from your friends about what you did last night. Then, more often than not, you will spend the next few weeks avoiding phone calls from said ex until your next moment of weakness and the whole thing starts over again.  

Seeing Gomez last Monday at the 9:30 Club wasn’t quite that bad, but damned if they didn’t give that experience a run for its money.