Episode 289: Seán Barna Returns

Episode 289: Seán Barna Returns

On his first full length Pictures Of An Exhibitionist, singer/songwriter (and, full disclosure, one of our brodawg's) Seán Barna is getting in touch with his feelings and delivering a savagely raw set of songs that chronicle his adventures in LA and Washington, DC over the past few years. Kevin and Marcus (Dowling) are sitting down with the "dark lord" of folk to talk the ins and outs of Exhibitionist, life after DC, and more.

PLUS! Instead of giving up on being a musician after suffering a crippling health crisis, Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm poured her experiences into her new EP, Hi From Pillows (out NOW on Local Woman Records). Part art, part activism, Pillows tackles important issues that affect us all, exploring them through a slightly-honeyed indie-folk lens. Check out the single "Thorns" from this gem of an EP.

Episode 201: The Mystery Lights

Episode 201: The Mystery Lights


That's kinda what it's like listening to The Mystery Lights.

This is what it's like talking with them.

LIVE: Matt and Kim @ The 9:30 Club - 10/9/12

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WARNING: this review is rated "NC-17" and is not suitable for children, soccer moms, Labrador retriever puppies, and 85 percent of decent God-fearing Americans.

Matt Johnson, the first half of Brooklyn uber-duo Matt a Kim, doesn't just lace his onstage banter with F-bombs - he launches an assault on the English language with a barrage of F-bombs, F-landmines, and F-AK-47s, perhaps to compensate for looking like an overgrown choirboy. Kim Schifino, the other half of this insanely infectious partnership, complements the stage show with some of the dirtiest banter we’ve heard outside of the political debates. If you like your music reviews clean and are uncomfortable with mentions of condoms, pantslessness, and anal kegels, perhaps you should click over now and go see what the LOL Cats are up to. They’re so cavorty.

If you’re still with us, gird your loins and understand that there is no way to write a review of a Matt & Kim show that is one scintilla as entertaining as an actual Matt & Kim show. The 9:30 Club was packed -- there is sold out, and then there is SOLD THE FUCK OUT, but when you’re crammed into a raucous crowd filled with as much joy as was radiating out of every single pore down there last Tuesday, it works out just fine that every last ticket-holder showed up. Matt and Kim, the reigning prom king and queen of Indie Rock High School, barreled onstage with Matt waving a huge towel and Kim in a fluorescent yellow tank top that showed off her arms and her ink, while the crowd chanted “Matt and Kim, Matt and Kim” at the top of their lungs. It was like watching an encore erupt before the band even played a single note. Some of that energy should be laid at the feet of literal warm-up act Oberhofer, but much of it is a testament to how much this town loves some MandK.