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"Going Back Where I Belong" — Elise LeGrow

"Going Back Where I Belong" — Elise LeGrow

Sounds Like:

A refreshing revival of the Etta James/Motown/Amy Winehouse sound

Why You Should Care:

Canadian singer Elise LeGrow is making her US debut with the album Playing Chess. What’s unique about this debut, though, is that it’s entirely comprised of covers. LeGrow chose songs from the legendary Chess Records archives, including Chuck Berry’s “You Never Can Tell” and Sugar Pie DeSanto’s “Going Back Where I Belong.” (Check out the original version here.) LeGrow doesn’t stray far from the source material here - these are classics, after all. But what’s most notable (and even eerie) is how familiar Elise LeGrow’s voice is to Amy Winehouse. Fans of hers will find a lot to like in Playing Chess, especially this track.