Clarence Clemons

LIVE MUSIC: Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band @ The Verizon Center - 4/1/12

Photos courtesy of Springsteen SUPERFAN Stephanie Germeraad

At some point during every Bruce Springsteen tour, there is a breaking point; a moment in which the Boss decides to stop tirelessly promoting  his newest album, and just plays what everyone really wants to hear—classics and deep cuts.  Lucky for those at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC, April 1st was that night. 

After beginning with “We Take Care of our Own,” and “Wrecking Ball,”—the single and title track from his new album, respectively—the band launched into Born to Run’s “Night,” signaling to fans that they were in for a good show.  Springsteen reinforced the promise of the evening by taking a moment to acknowledge that although the composition of the E Street band has changed, “the mission remains the same: we want to wake you up and shake you up and we want to take you to higher ground.  We want to sing you home with your hands hurting and your voice hurting!”   The band delivered on their guarantee—anyone who didn’t leave that show with arms sore from fist pumping and a voice coarse from singing along from the depths of their soul was assuredly doing something wrong.