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Episode 356: Stain - Living Colour [Discologist]

Episode 356: Stain - Living Colour [Discologist]

Living Colour is one of the most important bands in music history. On their third release Stain, the black rock innovators dug deep into the history of their culture, the dysfunction of America, and the sounds of underground rock and roll and came back with violent, high-volume exploration of love, hate, identity, and deep humanity that resonates maybe even stronger in 2018 then it did twenty-five years ago.

Join Kevin and Marcus along with special guest Timothy Anne Burnside as they work through this intense, complicated masterpiece, it's legacy, the questions AND answers it poses,  much, much more. 

Episode 305: Shade - Living Colour

Episode 305: Shade - Living Colour

Legendary thrash/metal/punk/funk/jazz pioneers Living Colour have been breaking the mold since the late 80's, and now they're back with one of their most potent collection of songs to date. Shade taps into the band's roots in blues and hip-hop and signals an exciting new chapter in Living Colour's history, just when the world needs them the most. Kevin, Eduardo, and Marcus K. Dowling sit down to work through this powerful return to form one of the most important bands in rock-and-roll history. 

PLUS! Chance The Rapper is in hot water with the copyright police and Cold Specks is back with an upcoming album Fool's Paradise, and we've got her latest single "Void" for to chew on while you wait.

ROAD TRIP: 2012 Equifunk Festival - Artists go to Summer camp!

ONE FINAL NOTE: We interviewed many of the Equifunk artists, and asked each of them if they had attended summer camp as kids. Here are some of their answers.

Josh Schwartz, Saxophone/Vocals, Turkuaz: I was a camper at the same camp where my father was a camper starting at his 4th birthday in 1946, Camp Scatico in New York. I was a camper for four years, a counselor for one year. But this is combining summer camp with a music festival. It's like - summer camp with BEER? And RAVES? It's amazing.

Taylor Shell, Bassist, Turkuaz: I grew up in San Francisco, and I never did a full summer (of camp). I did three weeks at this place called Gold Arrow. It was a lot of water skiing, arts and crafts, that kind of thing. And massive funk concerts and big parties (laughs).

Arleigh Kincheloe, Vocalist, Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds: No, I never went, and I really feel like I missed out. (Gestures to the camp) This is cool!

To Do List: 2012 EquiFunk Festival, August 17-19

What if you could go back to summer camp? You know, hang out by the pool with your buddies, play for some of the day but relax for most of it, and have all your meals prepared for you? What if you could do it now, as an adult? Wait, don’t answer yet, there’s more. What if there was unlimited beer AND astoundingly good music? You’re nodding now, aren’t you? And maybe drooling?

This weekend, for the fifth straight year, Equifunk will set up shop in the northeast Pennsylvania Poconos. Besides the fantastic location (smack in the middle of a working overnight camp) Equifunk has a why-didn’t-they-think-of-that-before hook unlike any other music festival – it’s all-inclusive. One price gets you in the door, your food, your beverages, and your music. You’re not waiting in line 20 minutes for the privilege of paying $11 for a beer. You’re not spending $6 on a hot dog that’s been sitting in a pot of boiling water since January.