Cory Branan

"Imogene" - Cory Branan

"Imogene" - Cory Branan

Sounds Like:

A little bit country. A little bit rock & roll. A+ songwriting that's rough around the edges, just like you like it. 

Why You Should Care:

After five full lengths and a choice take on Princes "Under The Cherry Moon" in 2014, Memphis born (now based in Nashville) Cory Branan has earned the reputation of being one of the most exciting songwriters working in "country" music today.

On Adios, Brannan brings in a lot of the cowpunk energy found on previous releases like 2014's The No-Hit Wonder for songs like "Another Nightmare In America" and "Yea So What," but it's on the plaintive "Imogene" that he heads back to the country, serving it up with a little bit of soul for good measure.

Cory Brannan's Adios is available now on Bloodshot Records.

He plays TONIGHT in Washington, DC at Pearl Street Warehouse. Tickets are still available HERE.

Episode 271: Pure Comedy - Father John Misty

Episode 271: Pure Comedy - Father John Misty

Over the course of three albums now, Josh Tillman has made quite the reputation for himself as provocateur extraordinaire Father John Misty. On Pure Comedy, Tillman/Misty is letting it all hang out in a gaudy, profane, philosophically perverse masterpiece that transcends the swarmy persona that people love to hate by speaking up about nothing less than what it is to be human in the modern age. 

Plus! Cory Branan is back with a new LP (Adios) and we've got the single "Imogene" to help you get re-acquainted with this talented singer/songwriter.