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Episode 434: The Hold Steady's 'Thrashing Thru The Passion'

Episode 434: The Hold Steady's 'Thrashing Thru The Passion'

On their seventh album (and first in five years) The Hold Steady isn’t so much “We’re BACK mother****ers!” as they are “Alright. Alright. Alllllright”-ing their way back into our hearts.

Thrashing Thru The Passion finds the band sporting a slightly looser and expanded sound (horns!) and songwriter Craig Finn’s druggy, party-filled universe, a little older, a little beat down, but no less full of life. Join us as we dig into all of the good, bad, and magical highs found on the “return” of one of America’s most celebrated bands.

LIVE: The Hold Steady @ U Street Music Hall - 10/17/12

“Our psalms are sing-a-long songs…” – The Hold Steady

The members of The Hold Steady wear their influences on their sleeves.  They love The Replacements and Springsteen; name check Meatloaf, Billy Joel and Robbie Robertson; and un-ironically reference “Dancing on the Ceiling” and “Been Caught Stealing” in the same lyric.  They worship at the church of St. Joe Strummer.  So, like their muses, of course their shows consist of shout-along rockers and hook laden anthems played with unmatched enthusiasm.  As a result, there are few places more exhilarating than a Hold Steady show…and that goes double when they play a small venue like U Street Music Hall.

For the uninitiated, U Street Music Hall is a former pool hall that was converted to a music venue in 2010 and typically plays host to DJ sets, dance parties, and smaller touring acts.  In fact the club is owned and operated by DJs who ensure that the acoustics of their intimate performance space are second to none.  Suffice to say, it’s the smallest venue The Hold Steady have played in the DC-area in years and they took full advantage of the opportunity. 

Introducing ChunkyGlasses: THE PODCAST

Well now we gone and done it. Yes folks, it's official! Today we're proud to announce the ChunkyGlasses podcast, available now in a variety of formats for you to shove into your earholes. 

To say that you can expect the same intelligent and informative discourse that you've come to expect from the site (you have, right?), would, to put it mildly be an outright lie. No people, this podcast is for fans of music, beer, and smoked meat products - in that order. There's nothing to see here except the raw unedited opinions of a bunch of guys who were stupid enoght to start a music site and then failed to get off the stupid train until it reached it's logical end: This podcast.

So, if you've got some time and want to be (mildly) entertained by our musings/rantings/what have you, then tune in below or subscribe to us via iTunes/or your favorite podcast catcher. We're shooting to release a new edition every two weeks for now, and have plans for special guests on upcoming episodes that we think you're gonna like. So strap in, make sure your beer is full, and join us as we continue our magestic journey through the world of music as we know it. 

This station is officially ON!!!

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REVIEW: Craig Finn - Clear Heart, Full Eyes

“It’s hard to suck with Jesus in your band” - Craig Finn, from the song "My Friend Jesus"

While truer words may never have been spoken, it’s a shame that Hold Steady singer Craig Finn didn’t seek out a little more divine inspiration when making his debut solo record, Clear Eyes Full Heart.

While hardcore Hold Steady fans are sure to find something to love, the truth of the matter is that Clear Eyes, Full Heart comes off as a half-assed attempt at a meaningful record, failing to engage, or really ever connect, on any level with the listener. In recent interviews Finn has said that when it came time to make this record [he] packed up, headed to Austin and entered the studio with a group of musicians that he had never worked with (or even met) prior to the session. It shows.