Crocodile - "Somehow"

Crocodile - "Somehow"

Sounds like: 

Harmonious 90’s pop with just a hint of fuzzy, buzzy feedback; a tinge of The Beatles by-way-of Oasis; The Connell’s for people who aren’t, uh, wusses*

Why You Should Care: 

There’s no reason that the East Coast should get all of the rock n’ roll fun (see The Trillions) and this five piece hailing from Austin, Texas is all the proof you need. On the kickoff track from their most recent EP Crocodile vs The Mutant Alligators From Space the band channels some good ol’ Gallagher brothers angst (complete with Beatles-esque “telephone-mic” vocal effect and a killer lyric hook - "I got strangers in my head that won't ever go away"), but there’s more to this band than a healthy respect for history.