Episode 273: Memories...Do Not Open - The Chainsmokers

Episode 273: Memories...Do Not Open - The Chainsmokers

In their relatively short careers, Producer/DJ's Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, The Chainsmokers, have developed a reputation as solid-gold hitmakers sought after by the biggest names in the biz. Well..that's one of their reputations...

In a ChunkyGlasses FIRST, Kevin is taking the night off and Eduardo and Marcus (Dowling) are manning the mics to go IN on the duo's debut album, Memories...Do Not Open,which is currently the worst-reviewed album of 2017. So there's that.

Come on, get weird with us why don't ya

REVIEW: Bloc Party - FOUR

If you’re anything like me you might have woken up sometime around 2007 from a grad school- and electro-house induced rock coma, realizing that between Interpol, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Editors and Bloc Party, you’d missed an entire musical movement that just so happened to be right up your alley. Alerting you to set aside for a moment the computers and turntables, Silent Alarm would’ve been just that: part of a greater call to action, reuniting us with our first true love – driving guitar rock – while assuring us of a now-obvious, then-crucial recognition: Rock and dance are not mutually exclusive! They never have been, it turns out, but we’d been under the illusory spell of an evil anti-dance dictatorship, and it took a serious jolt of something new to reawaken how amazingly well-suited they are for one another. (Take that, 90s!) 

And so it was that Bloc Party quickly found itself at the core of our frantic-catch-up list. Their none-too-slumpy sophomore LP (A Weekend in the City) followed in 2007, cementing their status alongside the above handful of early-to-mid-aughts post-punk-revivalist greats. With Weekend’s auto-tuned, drum-looped, synth-heavy single “Flux” foreshadowing further electro experimentalism to come, its follow-up, Intimacy, with its Klaxons-esque dance punk, seemed a natural progression as well, placing Bloc Party by decade’s end ahead of its new rave/post-punk/electropop sea of contemporaries. It also found them at the end of their record contract, and thus at the start of a several-year hiatus producing solo albums and side projects aplenty, but with no clear vision for the band’s future – that is, until (talk of) Four surfaced.

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DC! Hope you're ready to dance, because BRAZILLIAN GIRLS are coming to town this Thursday, and it's totally in their rider that you show up and shake your ass. All of you!

Formed in back in 2003 in the clubs of New York City, this quartet mashes together bits of reggae, electronica, jazz, bossa nova and whatever other sound happens to catch their ear into a bootie shaking stew of polyethnic partytime awesomeness. In 2011 the band publicly called it quits, yet continued to work quietly on projects in the background, most notably contributing a track to the AIDS benefit album Red Hot+Rio 2. Now in 2012, Brazillian Girls have officially reformed and are playing a handful of shows around the world, which we can only assume/hope is a warmup for something bigger to come later on this year.

Lucky for you, one of those shows is going to take place tomorrow at  DC's own 9:30 Club. Luckier still, we've got 2 tickets to give away and there are two ways you can enter:

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