Death Letter Jubilee

TO DO LIST: The Delta Saints @ Jammin Java TONIGHT!

Nashville's The Delta Saints have a message for the world. A sweaty, sinful, bayou infused message steeped in the very essence of rock n roll. Since  forming in 2007 the quintet has toured incessantly, spreading their gospel far and wide, and with the release of their debut full length Death Letter Jubilee they've set their their sights on big time.

Tonight the Saints are making a stop at Vienna's Jammin Java and if history has taught us anything it's that by this time next year, dint be surprised if the band is playing on a bigger, a much bigger stage.

Check out the bands video for “Death Letter Jubilee” below,  be sure to make the trip outside the beltway tonight so you can say you saw The Delta Saints when!


Tickets are available online NOW.