Debbie Harry

TO DO LIST: Blondie @ The State Theater TONIGHT!!!

In the indie rock world, Blondie’s self-released 2011 album Panic of Girls may have garnered more attention for its use of Beirut’s Zach Condon than for the fact that it was the band’s first record of new material in eight years. Condon played trumpet on one of the tracks, and the album featured a cover of Beirut’s “Sunday Smile.”

But the album stands up under its own rights – a fantastic effort for one of New Wave’s best bands, who have been splitting up and coming back together for 37 years.  In fact, Blondie’s last three records -including 2003’s The Curse of Blondie and 1999’s No Exit - are highly underrated. It’s not surprising the records haven’t gotten more notice – any new Blondie material is going to be compared to the 1978 classic Parallel Lines (which made Rolling Stone’s list of the best rock records of all time) and likely bring with it a discussion of the band’s internal politics.  On Monday, however, you can judge for yourself as Blondie brings their entire catalog to the State Theater in Falls Church.

The band does a fantastic job of mixing the old with the new, and revamping their songs so that they’re recognizable, but not rote.  In recent shows, for example, the famous rap in the middle of the disco classic “Rapture” has been replaced with lyrics from “No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn.” And of course there’s Debbie Harry who, even at 67, can still command your attention as well as any female performer.

Tickets are still available, and you never know when it will be your last chance to see these fantastic performers at work so don’t miss your chance on Monday when they rip up the ‘Burbs.