Demolished Thoughts

New Releases 5/22/11: A single sonic youth and "The Sex Pistols" are back!!

Welcome to the new New Releases format! From here on out we're going to be picking just a few releases of note each week to bring to your attention and start acting like the filter we set out to be. If you still want to know EVERYTHING that's coming out any given week just head on over to the highly informative and get your full dose of information on! So without further ado...

Andre's Pick

Thurston Moore - Demolished Thoughts

Continuing down a similar road he began paving on Trees Outside the Academy, Thurston Moore teams up with Beck in the production seat to create one of the most ominous and beautifully cohesive albums of his solo career. By completely trading in the noisy electric guitars and walls of feedback, Moore focuses his attention on creating more acoustic based soundscapes, which ultimately showcases his real talent as a songwriter. Relying on a menagerie of acoustic guitars, orchestrated string and harp sections, doubled vocals, and minimal drums, you really get a chance to hear why Moore is revered as a musician. And as they build up the acoustic wall of sound in songs like “Orchard Street”, a sense of tension is created in the music that is uniquely enjoyable, and distinctively Thurston.



Kevin's Pick

Art Brut - Brilliant Tragic

They say if something ain't broke then don't fix it, and that's clearly Art Brut's philosophy on this, their third record. Sounding more like The Sex Pistols than ever, the band, with Frank Black again behind the control board, has jettisoned the slight polish that could be heard on 2009's Art Brut vs Satan in favor of a cleaner, more to the point sound. Yes it's the same old snarky revisionist punk that we are used to from the band but with lead singer Eddie Argos cranking the energy level to 11 for the duration of the albums 40 odd minute running time it's fun visit to a past sound that still sounds vital today.





Other Noteable Releases

She Wants Revenge - Valley Heart

The Prodigy - World's on Fire

Brad Paisley - This Is Country Music

Ray Manzarek/Roy Rogers - Translucent Blues

Lady Gaga - Born This Way

Friendly Fires - Pala (playing TOMORROW at the 9:30 Club)


And then there's this....


Imposter Steve Perry is sending his
rock scarabs to take over the WORLD!!

Daily Listen: Thurston Moore - Orchard Street

A sonic youth out on his own, Thurston Moore released his excellent solo effort, demolished thoughts, on Tuesday. This Beck produced album strips the Sonic Youth frontman of all of the volume of his usual band, but none of the noise or the power. Just when you think he's going for a simple folk-ish song, an explosion of strings or percussive metal will occur out of nowhere. It's a record that will keep you guessing...and satisfied for the entire ride.

We can't recommend that you pick demolished thoughts up enough, and this track is one of the big reasons why.

Thurston Moore - Orchard Street


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