Dungen @ DC9 - 3/17/2017

Dungen @ DC9 - 3/17/2017

Stockholm-based psych-rockers Dungen released their eighth album, Häxan, as a limited Record Store Day Black Friday release last year, and then made it available more widely in February. Actually recorded between their 2010 album Skit i allt and their 2015 release Allas Sak, the record is an instrumental soundtrack scoring Lotte Reiniger’s 1926 film The Adventures of Prince Achmed, the first full-length animated feature film. The band recently toured the US playing the album as a live score to the film at most of their shows on the tour. Their sold out stop at DC9, however, wasn’t among those performances, and instead consisted of the band playing a selection of songs from throughout their career.

Episode 267: Semper Femina - Laura Marling

Episode 267: Semper Femina - Laura Marling

Over the course of 6 albums Laura Marling has proved that she's a force to be reckoned with. On her latest effort, Semper Femina, set out to explore her relationship to feminism, femininity and relationships in a modern age, and the result is a flat-out masterpiece. Join us as we gush over this unexpected triumph of feelzcore. 

PLUS! Swedish prog/jazz rockers brought their latest album Haxan to US shores recently and blew a lot of minds in the process. Buy the ticket and take the ride with a track from their latest atmospheric masterpiece. 

INTERVIEW: Christoffer Gunrup from Sweden’sThe Amazing

In 2011, Swedish "supergroup" The Amazing released their latest effort Gentle Stream. A sprawling piece of pyschedlic folk that does Laurel Canyon proud, it made Andre's Top Ten of that year, and has been in constant rotation ever since. A few weeks ago the record was re-released in America by Partisan Records, and has finally been getting the attention and praise it deserves. Andre had a chance to chat with chief songwriter Christoffer Gunrup recently,  and this is what he had to say about supergroups, jamming and Red House Painters. 

CG: Some people refer to The Amazing as a supergroup, can you give us some background on how the collective came together?

Christoffer: I mean we started a few years back and it was just me needing to play with some people, so I contacted the former drummer of Dungen who is an old friend of mine and we needed a bass player so we contacted Reine Fiske and we just jammed and drank heavily and that is basically what we did for awhile.

CG: Did the idea of creating a band out of this really come as the byproduct of just getting together and jamming and saying “Hey this sounds really good, we should figure out songs and create a band out of this?”

Christoffer: Yes and no, I suppose because all three of us were in bands and we knew what playing was about, so we never really needed to talk about it, things just happened, and it just kept growing from there, and people came and went, but Reine was there from the beginning.

CG: Are any of you still playing in other groups?

Christoffer: Yes and no, its the main group for me and probably Alexis Benson, one of the bass players, but the other guys do a lot of stuff, the drummer Moussa Fadera is mainly a jazz drummer, so he is playing all the time with different jazz groups, and they also need him for all kinds of music, but he is primarily a jazz drummer. 

CG: What is the process like for developing new material like the tracks on your latest album Gentle Stream in this kind of group dynamic?

Christoffer: Usually, so far it has been quite easy, I usually come along with a simple, straightforward song and melody and I just play, I never talk to them about what I want or what I want them to do, what I need or what I feel.  I just play because it is awkward to talk about it, they just do it and usually it turns out the way I like it.