Ryan Hobler - "See What You're Doing To Me"

Ryan Hobler - "See What You're Doing To Me"

Sounds Like:

Cosmic folk-pop from the weird side of the tracks; Patrick Watson's poppier neighbor; Bowerbirds; Andrew Bird;  a naturalistic dreamscape that carouses effortlessly with both the wonder AND the dread of it all.

Why You Should Care:  

Hauntingly elegant, this track from  singer-songwriter Ryan Hobler stands out in an already rich album as an example of the power and range that is currently at this New York native’s command.  The Elusive Yes playfully bounces back and forth between Dylan-esque revelry (“Bob vs. Jack vs. The World”), near-Buckley croon (“I Fell Deep”), and [Andrew] Bird-ian musings (“Down Came The Fourth Wall”), but it’s the dive into the darkness of “See What You’re Doing To Me” that makes the most compelling arguments for Hobler’s considerable talents.