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Episode 430: Fruit Bats' 'Gold Past Life'

 Episode 430: Fruit Bats' 'Gold Past Life'

On his latest album as Fruit Bats, Eric Johnson is looking back at dark times almost fondness, taking joy in the even the smallest of steps towards a brighter future that awaits.

Gold Past Life — his first LP on Merge Records — signifies the start of a new era for the lauded singer/songwriter. The end of the road he started out on with 2014’s EDJ, it’s songs are overflowing with harmonies, hooks, and, most importantly, heart. A life-affirming slice of pure pop perfection, it is Johnson’s finest work to date and one of the few albums you NEED to hear in 2019.

Episode 183: Eric Johnson of Fruit Bats

Episode 183: Eric Johnson of Fruit Bats

Since 2001, Fruit Bats' Eric Johnson has proven time and time again why he has become one of the 21st Century's most revered songwriters. After a brief "retirement" where he released music under his own name - 2014's excellent EDJ - Johnson has revived the Fruit Bats name and delivered Absolute Loser, one of the strongest and most personal albums of his career.

Before his recent show here in Washington, DC, Johnson stopped by the basement to talk about his new record, the worth of a name, almost two decades in the constantly shifting music industry, and much, much more.

Dig it. Dig it the most.

Episode 74: The Rosebuds / Eric Johnson

Episode 74: The Rosebuds / Eric Johnson

In our latest podcast, pop mastermind’s is the name, new music is the game as we talk out Sand + Silence, the latest release from indie-pop icons The Rosebuds, and EDJ, the first post-Fruit Bats material from the consistently prodigious Eric Johnson.

PLUS!! Did Coolio really sign a record deal with a PORN site? Could PORN be the way forward for the music biz? Is Paul Really a “Cooliologist”?

And last, but certainly not least, the van runs out of gas as we say [a temporary] goodbye to Andre, as he heads off into the great unknown – otherwise known as Turkey – to experience new adventures, oil wrestling, and most assuredly lots and LOTS of music

Daily Listen: Fruit Bats - "Tangie and Ray"

Fruit Bats is the the long term project of serial sideman Eric Johnson. Johnson has worked for/with the likes of Vetiver, Califone and The Shins but eventually, he always returns to this pseudonymous project as his main outlet. Tripper is the name of the latest album released under the Fruit Bats moniker, and after only a few listens it’s clear that it is easily one of the best releases so far this Summer, if not the year.

Falling somewhere between the Indie folk of The Shins and the pop excess of Supertramp (you read that right) this is an album full of severely satisfying melodies, memorable lines and a shimmer that just never seems to dull.

“Tangie and Ray”  is the first single off of the record, and it will give you a taste of what’s in store, but if we’re to be honest, our recommendation is to just dive right in and buy the whole damn album right now. We’ve never steered you wrong before (at least I don’t think  we have…Boston doesn’t count)  and we’re not about to now, but if you just can’t trust us, then please, by all means, hit play. The end result, which is you loving this record, will be exactly the same no matter which path you choose.

Fruit Bats - Tangie and Ray


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