Everest of panties

Sondre Lerche @ The 9:30 Club 6/7/11: Ladykiller-1 You-0

Singer/Songwriter Sondre Lerche took the stage at the 9:30 Club Tuesday night and hundreds of adoring fans were there to greet him. Not unsurprisingly, the ratio of women to men was about infinity to 1. Lerche certainly has all the right qualities to be the perfect indie-chick boyfriend. He’s handsome, funny, and of course he can play mean guitar. As such, I would argue that if your only problem as an artist is that your audience is stacked more in the direction of the finer sex, then I would say you’re not only doing pretty well, but you are in fact living the dream.  But the ladies (and men) didn’t turn out Tuesday night for any of that (OK, maybe a little). We all turned up because Lerche is one of the most respected songwriters of the past few years, with seven albums under his belt . Given that his latest, Sondre Lerche, focuses all of the paths that he’s traveled previously into one superlerche of a record, this was material that everyone was excited to see. And Lerche must’ve known this because he brought his big guns with him.