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INTERVIEW: Sonny Kilfoyle (MINKS)

INTERVIEW: Sonny Kilfoyle (MINKS)

MINKS is the one-man moniker of musician Sonny Kilfoyle. Kilfoyle is most known for being lumped into the category of Cure-influenced pop but, surprisingly enough, has no interest in being pigeonholed in that genre. We spoke with Kilfoyle about his latest record, Tides End, the departure from the colder tones of his debut album, By The Hedge, surfing in Long Island, and comparisons to his music.

By The Hedge is out now on Captured Tracks. He’ll also be at Captured Tracks' CT5 Festival in Brooklyn during Labor Day during day 1.

ChunkyGlasses: Excited to be back in the spotlight, so to speak?

Sonny Kilfoyle: Yeah, it’s nice to have an album coming out.

CG: You have it coming out the same month as Medicine’s new album, right?

SK: Yeah, I saw something about that from Captured Track’s posting. Shoegaze right?

CG: Yep, Captured Tracks did a reissue of their discography and they came together to make a new album after years of a break from music. Speaking of breaks, besides brief spurts of touring in 2011, you haven’t been too active in the spotlight. What have you been up to since then?

SK: A lot of things, really. I did make a lot of music in between now and then. I actually tried to record a new follow-up album a lot quicker and started recording it the summer after By the Hedge came out.

CG: Oh really?

SK: I just didn’t like the way it was turning out. I was having trouble figuring out the identity of where I wanted to go for the project. We recorded about six songs and I didn’t really like it so I scrapped it. I continued to write sporadically but with no real motivation. I really hate touring so it’s more about just writing music for me.

CG: What was the tone of the six songs you scrapped?

SK: I just didn’t want to make something so morose again. I didn’t want to make something as gloomy as the first album. I think it was like I didn’t want to commit to just this one sound. I didn’t want to say, “This is me.” I try different things and different sounds.