Evil Urges

Review: My Morning Jacket - Circuital

Let's get this out of the way— We all know that Jim James’s voice is 100% certified bad ass. The man can sing anything, anything at all, and somewhere deep inside, you WILL like it. Even haters of the band’s 2008 record Evil Urges, of which I am not one, couldn’t deny that no matter how strange, or just plain silly, the songs got, at least you could take comfort in the ghostly beauty of that voice.

On that album, instead of just hinting at (or if you prefer, half-assing) the child-like humor that many of My Morning Jacket’s previous songs cautiously flirted with, the band whole heartedly embraced the funny, and went as far as they could possibly go with it. It felt liberating even as a listener, so I can’t imagine what it was like for the band to finally get that off their chest. And that may be why Circuital, despite it being their sixth full length album, feels like a record that was made by a band caught squarely in the middle of a sophomore slump...