Explosions In The Sky

Live Music: Explosions In The Sky w/The Antlers @ Rams Head Live - 10/1/11

Words: Kim   Photos: Derek

“Pulled together but about to burst apart”

I confess it: I went to this show an enthusiastic fan of the Antlers. They won me over on my first listen to their lyrically dense, disarmingly intimate Hospice. Lead singer and principal poet Peter Silberman shared his deepest secrets with us, his appreciative listeners - his enthusiastic stranger-confidants. On the other hand, I knew “Explosions in the Sky” only from those brief moments when their compositions graced the ever-graceful scenes of Friday Night Lights. And I didn’t even know their name.

Before we headed out to the show, I thought I’d do a bit of research to fill in my hipster-gaps. When I did, I had a few surprises. First: the Antlers were the opening act; Explosions was headlining. Second, Explosions was an instrumental rock group. Instrumental rock? Yep. Third, the show was sold out.

Listening to the Antlers again – particularly their latest album, Burst Apart – in the context of Explosions’ FNL-type pieces, I could hear a melodic convergence between the two bands. The night’s performance could prove interesting: the Antlers’ wordiness would balance out Explosions’ wordlessness; haunting melodies would connect the two performances into a balanced whole.

New Releases 4.26.1 - Drugs are bad kidz


As we roll further on towards Summer, this week shaped up to be a little bit better than the last Explosions in the Sky a have a new record out which is always (usually) a good thing. The band Times New Viking puts out Dancer Equired this Tuesday which is pretty fun. I'm new to that band, but so far what I've heard has been pretty damn good, so definitely check that out. The clear winner for me though this week is the new release from Thao & Mirah, which is just...well...it's good. Really good.

Daily Listen: Explosions in the Sky - Last Known Surroundings

Electro instrumentalists Explosions in the Sky's new album, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care is out tomorrow and we've got a little taste of what you can expect. Last Known Surroundings is the first track off of the album and pretty much sets the tone, so if you dig this, then you're going to dig the record.

Look for our full review later on this week, but until then, slap on some headphones and enjoy the track.

Explosions In The Sky - Last Known Surroundings