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Best of 2017: Matt's List

Best of 2017: Matt's List

2017 was a pretty intense year all around, but there was still time for lots of music. For me personally, it included covering bands that I had never dreamed I'd get to photograph, crossing many entries off from my bucket list of artists to see, and even traveling overseas for several festivals. Choosing the "best" shows from among the numerous ones that I attended and covered for ChunkyGlasses was a daunting task, not least because I'm pretty selective about which shows I'll even do, meaning that I rarely see a bad one. Still, there were several that definitely stood out as being the best of the best.  Here are my picks for my top ten shows (and festivals) of this year.

Foo Fighters @ The Anthem - 10/12/2017

Foo Fighters @ The Anthem - 10/12/2017

The Foo Fighters are arguably one of the biggest rock bands out there today, regularly selling out stadiums and arenas across the world. But when it came to the city’s newest (and, with a capacity of 6,000, largest) club venue, The Anthem, IMP founder and venue co-owner Seth Hurwitz knew there was only one band fitting to play the opening night. Dave Grohl had grown up in Springfield, Virginia, just outside of the city, and had spent his teenage years attending shows at Hurwitz’s original venue the 9:30 Club before going on to fame himself, first as the drummer for Nirvana and then as the frontman and leader of the Foo Fighters. And so, the band began their US tour for their latest album, Concrete and Gold, in DC at The Anthem last Thursday, ringing in a new era in the DC music scene.

Episode 123: Thundercat - The Beyond/Where the Giants Roam

Episode 123: Thundercat - The Beyond/Where the Giants Roam

In this week’s episode, we’re talking Apple Music, Prince, Foo Fighters and more! Apple Music launched this week to much fanfare…and then fairly immediate internet derision. Kevin has been testing it out and share’s his thoughts on its current state, and the verdict on if anything can really ever replace Rdio in his life. In other news, Washington City Paper fired a shot across the bow of crappy photo releases that concert photographers are often asked to sign by publishing the release for the Foo Fighters 4th of July blowout in DC. Is the outrage justified? Can we all just get along?

All of this PLUS Kevin and Paul pulling their best Statler and Waldorf on the new album from jazz bass master Thundercat, and a track from DC’s incredible The North Country taboot? Come on down for the basement, it’s time for your weekly dose of curmudgeonly love on Episode 123 of ChunkyGlasses: The Podcast!

3 Songs, No Flash: Foo Fighters w/Social Distortion @ The Verizon Center - 11/11/11

What you're  looking at right there is pure, unadulterated rock and f@#@ing roll folks. 

Say what you will about the Foo Fighters, but they are the last of a dying breed of musicians known only as ROCK STARS (staricus rockimus if we're being precise). They simply don't make em like this anymore and from the moment that Grohl and friends took the stage for their hometown-ish show last Friday at the Verizon Center, the pedal was to the metal and it never let up, even for a minute...or so we've heard. 

Unfortunately we flaked on tickets had our minds melted by the first few songs and had to leave. But in those few short minutes we were illuminated by the one undying truth of the universe. No, not "42" you nerds. The truth that rock stars are alive and well even today, and their leader is probably Dave Grohl.




And so it was written that on the 11th day in the 11th month of the 11th year  there will be ROCCCCCCCCCCCK in the nation's capital tonight. That ancient prophecy is about to come to fruition tonight at the Verizon Center as the Joy Formidable, Social Distortion and FOO FIGHTERS take the stage, and it's likely to look a little bit like this...give or take 60'000 people.


New Releases 4.12.11 - This man doesn't need Hall OR the stache!


Finally!  A decent week for music! While our official picks this week come from TV On The Radio (read the review here) and Alison Krauss (it's an Alison Krauss album...that's all the review you really need), there is quite a bit going on in the war for time in your earholes.

Looks like we've got a return fo k.d. lang, which could be interesting, as well as a new effort from the Meat Puppets. Wow. I'd love to say that the new Low album is any good, and if you're into them, I'm sorry, but just this weekend it won the award for "Most boring album of the year" at the ChunkyGlasses home base, sooooo.....