“Forever” — Matt and Kim

“Forever” — Matt and Kim

Sounds Like:

Matt and Kim of the Sidewalks era, angry about the state of the world in 2018

Why You Should Care:

Long-running indie pop duo Matt and Kim know how to bring the energy through their upbeat anthemic sound, both on their records and on tour. Known for their dynamic live shows full of balloons, confetti, and notorious onstage antics (that led drummer Kim Schifino to a torn ACL on stage last year), Matt and Kim have shown an ability to constantly produce songs that put a smile on your face and send out good vibes. “Forever,” a collaboration with Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus, who provides guest vocals, is the first single from a yet-to-be-named sixth studio album.

“Forever” is classic Matt and Kim – full of handclaps, synth drum lines, and piano- based melodies – brought into the era of political protest. With a chorus of “I don’t want to live forever in this world of shit,” Matt and Kim reflect and share their perspective on the current state of affairs. Followed by lyrics like, “Things can’t stay, can’t stay like this”, their desire to rally people together to move beyond current challenges becomes clear. Matt and Kim write that this song and the upcoming album are a way for the duo to reflect on how “2017 was not a great year for us” and to “get stuff off our chest”.

Matt and Kim will perform at the 9:30 Club on May 2nd.