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Best of 2011 Day 3: Paul's picks

Today our "Word Economist" steps up to the plate to let you know what he's been putting in his earholes over the course of the year. I'm not gonna lie, we've had e-fights over some of his picks that generally result in me telling him to GTFO my lawn, but at the end of the day, the man knows his shit and has gotten me to listen to more music that I probably wouldn't have otherwise than any contributor this year. Now if he could help me unhear half of it, we'd really be getting somewhere! (I kid, I kid).


#10 Buke and Gass – Riposte

It is just short of incredible how much sonic variety the two members of Buke and Gass (Aron Sanchez and Arone Dwyer) can coax from the plethora of instruments (including the experimental instruments from which the band takes its name) that they play on their debut LP.  But, while such experimentation could (and often does) descend into unlistenable navel gazing, Aron and Arone use their innovations (and Arone’s amazing voice) in the service of some truly excellent songs.

Best Tracks: Bundletuck, Medulla Oblongata


Daily Listen: F@#ked Up: "Turn the Season"

Fucked Up's David Comes to Life, is a ridiculously ambitious punk-rock opera about a blue collar Brit named David that falls head over heels for a political activist named Veronica in Britain's not so swinging 70s.  Its a ballsy, complex, gut punch of an album that leaps further up my personal best of 2011 list with each listen.  "Turn the Season" is the culmination of the album's early buildup that starts with the love at first sight optimism of "Queen of Hearts" through wondering when it will go south ("Where the fuck is the other shoe???") to the proverbial other shoe dropping - and much quicker than our erstwhile protagonist would like.  Turn the season is the inflection point.  It brings at least a brief bit of introspection to the raw emotion of the album's earlier songs and provides a strong lead to the final 13 (!) tracks.

Fucked Up - "Turn the Season"

Consider this Daily Listen a warm up for what promises to be an absolutely EPIC show at the Black Cat this Sunday.  So, throw on your shit kickers, grab a beer, and meet us there! 

Ah hell, here's a Bonus Daily Listen/Watch:

I just hope they bring those kids to the Cat!

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