EPISODE 9: I Can Haz Japandroids?

In which cat jokes are made, sandwichs are consumed, Kevin asks everyone to politely get off his lawn and the gang laughs fearlessly in the face of the gods of rawk...and Canada. PLUS we discuss new music from  Sigur Ros, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, The Tallest Man On Earth and JAPANDROIDS!!

REVIEW: Sigur Ros - Valtari

For better or worse, few bands working today have a sound as instantly recognizable as Sigur Ros.  From Jonsi’s ethereal voice, to the invented “Hopelandic” lyrics, to the band’s dense sonic landscapes and trademark post-rock song structure, at this point Sigur Ros is as much a brand as a band.  Such easy band/brand identification certainly has its benefits1 but it can also restrict creativity, forcing artists to choose between exploration and comfortable profitability.  In a very real way, how a successful band responds to this tension tends to define its legacy.