I Need An Audience

Honest Haloway - "I Need An Audience"

Honest Haloway - "I Need An Audience"


A dancier The Vita Ruins. Cut Copy and Holy Ghost! meet Interpol and have a drink. Sad but not too sad to dance. Local. Fresh. Good.


Music friends looking for something new to jam out to: Local act Honest Haloway just released a new track from the upcoming EP and will continue to do so, one per week, until the December 6th DC9 release party. The District may remember Tim Kratzer's previous band, The Vita Ruins. And while they will always hold a special place in fans' memories and are still fully streamable online, the new stuff is also very, very cool (and also streamable). Kratzer's familiar tale of bedroom solo project turned live act has recognizable elements and the same core feel as The Vita Ruins, but with more electronics, a dancier synth-pop groove, and a new lineup. Check it out and stay tuned, because they'll be releasing a new track from the upcoming EP each Monday between now and the release.