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Episode 214: Lydia Loveless - Real

Episode 214: Lydia Loveless - Real

The internet has given us a lot of things, but probably its most valuable contribution to society (besides cat videos) has been access to loads and loads of stats. A recent study by Value Penguin (internet stat provider!) went ahead and ranked the quality of music cities around America. Noble goal. Dubious results. Because internet.

On Lydia Loveless's fourth album, Real, the Ohio-based singer/songwriter is growing in all kinds of new directions. Kevin and Paul get real about the songs, the critical acclaim for Loveless's work after Indestructible Machine, and the (possible) wrongheadedness of their own expectations. 

Baltimore is kinda killing it this year...again. And Wing Dam is gonna kick you around the sun straight back to the fuzzed out heyday of Smashing Pumpkins, and...well...Smashing Pumpkins. The Corgainasance is real folks. Really real. 

"Longer" - Lydia Loveless

"Longer" - Lydia Loveless

Sounds like:

A more-country-than-rock-tinged eulogy for a friend

Why you should care:

The leading single for alt-country artist Lydia Loveless’s latest album, “Real”, (set to release on August 19 via Bloodshot Records), revolves around a real loss in the musician’s life. According to a For the Country Record interview, the death of close friend (and guitarist for The Girls) Joey Blackheart, spurred her to pen this song.

LIVE: Lydia Loveless @ The Black Cat - 6/19/12

LIVE: Lydia Loveless @ The Black Cat - 6/19/12

Late in 2011, Columbus, Ohio native Lydia Loveless released her second album, Indestructible Machine. Recorded in two days, with only one take on the vocals, it was a raw, heartfelt firecracker of a record that couldn’t be ignored.  Carried by the impossible strength of Loveless' voice, and the almost shocking maturity of her songwriting (at the time she recorded Machine, Loveless was 20 years old) the record quickly shot to the top of many critics year end best of lists – ours included – with Chicago music critic Greg Kot giving the record 3.5 out of 4 stars, calling Loveless “a major new voice blowing into the country-punk dives and honky-tonks.” High praise indeed, but well deserved.

After a year of criss-crossing the country riding the crest of that wave, Loveless’ travels finally brought her to DC last Tuesday. Standing at barely five feet tall, she took the stage to an already packed Back Room at The Black Cat (she was opening for blues-punker Scott H. Biram) and delivered a stripped down, gut wrenching performance that was anything but diminutive.  

Thing You Should Watch: Lydia Loveless - Steve Earle

Our love for Lydia Loveless's album Indestructible Machine (hear it here) pretty much has no bounds, and we'll be talking a little bit more about it next week as we start rolling through some of the best music we've heard this year.

In the meantime, check out Lydia and the band performing one of the best tracks from that album, "Steve Earle", at this years Comfest in Columbus, Ohio. Which isn't DC. Which makes us here at ChunkyGlasses sad. Lydia, it's up to you to fix that, OK?