Jackson Browne

LIVE: Jackson Browne @ Wolf Trap - 7/23/12

Talking about Jackson Browne is sort of talking about the history of American music itself. While the peak of his career is years, maybe even decades behind him, you would be hard pressed to turn on the radio and not hear one of his songs playing back out at you. In the 70’s and 80’s he was a prolific recording artist releasing no less than seven multi-platinum albums that yielded such hits as “The Pretender”, “Tender Is The Night”, “You Love The Thunder” and “Running On Empty”, a song that for many, perfectly encapsulated the “innocence” of the 70’s as it began its slow decline into the everything overload that was the 80’s.

Add to that the fact that he penned tracks like The  Eagles mega hit “Take It Easy”, Nico’s depressively cool rumination “These Days” and had a lifelong working relationship with Warren Zevon, and it’s easy to see why the title of “legend” that most would lay upon him is as irrefutable as it is deserved.  So it was appropriate that Browne would choose Wolf Trap for a stop on his current tour because after all, Wolf Trap is where the legends come to play.

2012 Newport Folk Festival Recap: Part 2

2012 Newport Folk Festival Recap: Part 2

Words by Andre and Kevin

Saturday may have brought the rain - and oh boy did it rain - but it also brought stellar performances from artists old and new alike.

Sunday proved to be no different, with acts ranging from the raucous rock of Rhode Island's own Joe Fletcher & The Wrong Decisions to the scorching guitar blues of Gary Clark, Jr.. There was pop-folk aplenty with bands like  Trampled By Turtles and The Head And The Heart taking over the main stage, and if you were willing to go off the beaten path a little bit you could catch acts like Of Monsters And Men, traditional sets from The Kossoy Sisters, Spider John Koerner, or a blistering performance by ex-Rage Against The Machiner Tom Morello. It was, as everyday at the Newport Folk Festival is, a celebration of music writ large.

2012 Newport Folk Festival: Late Night w/DEER TICK and Friends @ Newport Blues - 7/27-7/29

Just because the music stops at Fort Adams doesn't mean your night is over. Picking up where they left off last year, DEER TICK is staging a three night stand at the esteemed Newport Blues Cafe, and this time they're bring even more of their friends along. With guests on the bill like Sharon Van Etten, Matt Vasquez, and Jackson Browne, all three shows sold out pretty quickly, but who knows, maybe (hopefully) there will be some extras outside come showtime. 

For those of you who DO have tickets though, this is what you're in for. And no matter which night you chose, it all adds up to an epic weekend of rawk all the way around. We'll see ya at the bar!

FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK: July 23rd - July 29th

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Frank Ocean @ The 9:30 Club
- Frank Ocean's "debut" channelORANGE dropped last week, and was immediately and widely lauded as a masterpiece...because it is. The show is sold out, but you'll probably want to consider selling a kidney or a spleen to find a ticket because this is one perfomance that is going to be sweaty and hot, hot HOT!

Jackson Browne w/Sara Watkins @ Wolf Trap
Jackson Browne is a legend. Sara Watkins is on her way there. Plus you can enjoy a picnic while you rock out to hits like "Running On Empty", "Rosie" and "Take It Easy" under the stars. We'll see ya there!


There's so much we could say here but we're gonna save it for our coverage of the festival. Suffice to say The Newport Folk Festival is not only one of the oldest fesitvals of it's kind in the country, but one of the most respected. Last years lineup was enviable for even the most shrewd of concertgoers and the question that was on everyone's lips was "How are they gonna top that?" 

Well the answer to that question was revealed when they released the lineup today, and it it seems to be simple: They're gonna go big. REAL BIG.

With acts like My Morning Jacket, Jackson Brown, Punch Brothers, Iron and Wine and more on the bill, this is sort of a no brainer. So make with the ticket buying (link below) because it WILL sell out, and then you'll be sad.

Check out the press release below for all the details. We'll see you by the sea at the end of July!