Jacksonville City Nights

Daily Listen: Ryan Adams - "Ashes and Fire"

Not so long ago it seemed that Ryan Adams was to retire..or something. It was a damn shame because though his output can be uneven, he's one of the best song writers living today. Well soon after his announcement there came Orion, a death metal space odyssey (seriously) and not long after that came III/IV a double album of not necessarily new material from The Cardinals, but one that we hadn't heard at any rate. But supposedly, Adams was still retired.

Well all that is over now and his album Ashes and Fire is done and set to be unleashed upon the world. By all accounts, it looks to be a return to Adams more acoustic side, which is fine by us. Some of his best moments as a songwriter came in Cold Roses quieter cousin Jacksonville City Nights, and anything that even approaches the sublime greatness of that record is probably going to work out just fine for Mr. Adams.

You're going to have to wait till October 10th to see how the whole thing works out, but this video of Adams performing the title track hints that the wait will be well worth it.  Fingers crossed everyone.

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