LIVE MUSIC: Mickey Avalon @ The Rock and Roll Hotel (NSFA - Not Safe For Anything)

***This review is rated NC-17***

You wouldn’t think that the simple act of wearing clothing would make you over-dressed for a concert, but Tuesday evening at the Rock and Roll Hotel, shirts were a somewhat rare commodity.  Many of Mickey Avalon’s fans took their cues from the oft scantily-clad rapper and wore nothing more than underwear and glitter.  Compared to what was happening on the stage, however, that was mild.  
Since our readers tend to admire music more of the rock, folk, and alt-country persuasion, let me give you a little background on Jewish rapper Yeshe Pearl, known by his fans as “Mickey Avalon.”  To say that Mr. Avalon lived a rough life would be an understatement.  Born to two drug- addict/dealing parents, he followed suit at an incredibly young age.  The story of his youth is riddled with attempts to overcome heroin dependency and death, his father dying in a drunk-driving accident and his sister dying of overdose.   He prostituted himself to finance his heroin addiction, which later became the predominant theme in his music.