Episode 385: Lonnie Holley's 'MITH'

Episode 385: Lonnie Holley's 'MITH'

Artist/poet/father/musician Lonnie Holley has experienced the best and worst of modern American life in his 68 years on the planet, and on his latest project MITH, he pours all of that and more into a powerful meditation on blackness, our humanity, and how to survive in our darkest of nights.

Join us as Kevin and special guest Wes Covey try to unpack some of what makes MITH, not just the best and most essential album of 2018, but the year’s most important.

TRACKING: Foxygen - "Shuggie"

SOUNDS LIKE: Richard Swift, Ariel Pink, Mac DeMarco
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: This bi-coastal duo is making outsider pop that could bring them mainstream

Sultry. Sexy. Mood swing-y.  Catchy as all hell.  These are just a few words to describe the sound of Foxygen, the latest Jagjaguwar signing whose members reside in Olympia, WA and New York City.  In their early 20s, you might be surprised by their sound and what might be their influence, taking nods from both 1970s AM Gold-esque bands and modern indie contemporaries.  Sure it's probably been done before, but not with as great an execution as these foxy boys. 

"Shuggie" is the first single from their upcoming full length We Are Are The 21st Century Embassadors Of Peace & Magic, and it sure sounds like they craft magic in the studio.  They holed up for a week with the influencial Richard Swift, crafting soothing mellow jams that you and your parents can enjoy together in front of the ol' hi-fi. "Shuggie" goes back and forth between first and third gear, skipping right over second cause who needs that in a great song like this.  They'll be on the road with Of Montreal with fall, a rather fitting combination of rock and roll sure to melt minds over and over again.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - "Swim And Sleep (Like A Shark)"

SOUNDS LIKE: Guided By Voices, MGMT, Bass Drum Of Death
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: This Portland by-way-of New Zealand trio have a new label and a new single to boot!

It's not quite clear what Portland, Orgeon's Unknown Mortal Orchestra are trying to tell their listeners when they want to swim, even sleep like a shark.  It's either to float and stare at the night skies in the middle of the sea, something I doubt sharks really think about, or the more plausible desire to hunt for blood.  It is the age old saying of to kill or to be killed one could conclude.  All of these things are possibly what could be on their minds, amidst a nice 4/4 beat, a twangy guitar, and a near-falsetto that just reminds one of anything off of that first MGMT album. 

"Swim And Sleep (Like A Shark)" is the first new song from UMO since signing to Jagjaguwar this week.  The song is available on a new tour only 7" with another new song on the b-side, so make sure you pick it up when you see them with Grizzly Bear this coming month.