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THE LIST for July 8, 2016: Cool Your Jets

THE LIST for July 8, 2016: Cool Your Jets

In the musical West Side Story, as tensions and temperatures rise, Riff advises the Jets to be "cool" in a jazz fugue for the ages.  Nothing cools like jazz.  As political tensions and summer temperatures rise all around the country, we all need some jazz to cool our own jets.  As you begin your sweat-soaked commute or a sweltering evening at home, here are 15 hand-picked tracks to air condition your soul.  So smear the condensation from your drink on your brow, light the mosquito-repellent candles, and be cool. - Patrick

The List for 7/1/16 : John Carpenter, the master...musician

Things to put in your ears

Many people know John Carpenter as the director of such classic films as Halloween,The Thing, and Big Trouble in Little China. However, currently Carpenter is touring the country (he makes a stop at the Lincoln Theatre in Washington, DC on 7/12), to showcase his equally influential musical work. Today's list includes some of Carpenter's best compositions for film, selections from his recent Lost Themes albums, and compositions inspired by, or in conversation with, Carpenter's work. So, enjoy The List for now and go see the master himself if he's coming to your town.

Things to do with yourself/others

It's a holiday weekend here in DC and outside of watching things go BOOOOOOM there's some slim pickings, but here's our bets for the best way to spend your precious time.

Friday 7/1

  • Flag at the Black Cat
    DC is a town that loooves it's punk rock. These guys (Keith Morris, Chuck Dukowski, Bill Stevenson, Dez Cadena and Stephen Egerton) are some of the true originals. It doesn't get any louder than this

Sunday 7/3

Tuesday 7/5

Thursday July 7