John Lydon

LIVE: Public Image Limited @ The 9:30 Club - 10/8/12

There was a young man, maybe 14 years old, in the balcony during Public Image Ltd.’s show at the 9:30 Club on Monday night. His dad stood next to him, occasionally leaning down to whisper something in the boy’s ear, which the young man either didn’t hear or simply wasn’t interested in. You can imagine what dad might have been telling him as they watched John Lydon yell, bark, and scream throughout PiL’s 15-song set. This dad likely talked about Lydon the same way other fathers talked about Michael Jordan when taking their kids to see him play in his single long-past-his-prime season as a Washington Wizard. “He’s one of the greatest ever,” dad probably said. “No one has ever done it quite like he did.” Maybe they watched old Sex Pistols videos on YouTube before the show, which got the kid ready for the crazed spectacle that Johnny Rotten once was.

And then Lydon came out. He’s now 56 years old, 25 to 30 pounds heavier, and most of his movement involved either walking to the drum riser to gargle and spit Maker’s Mark or raise a finger to one nostril and blow snot on the stage (hard to tell if this was for health reasons, or just to be “punk.”) Johnny Rotten, as one fan noted, “has become an old man.”

But much like Jordan occasionally showed stunning flashes of his old self as a Wizard, so too did Lydon frequently make you forget his age. For one thing – maybe it’s the whiskey – his voice is as strong and clean as it ever was. He wields it as well as his band wields their instruments, and while he occasionally had to steal a glance at the lyric sheet in front of him, he was not the least bit hesitant to belt out the words. And he’s still got attitude to spare. “Good evening boys and girls,” he said in his glorious cockney upon taking the stage. “Welcome to PiL. You don’t have to listen to no politicians this evening.” With that, the band launched into “This Is Not A Lovesong,” and the crowd entered “the PiL Zone.”

TO DO LIST: Public Image Limited TONIGHT @ The 9:30 Club!!

In a recent interview, Public Image Ltd. (PiL)frontman John Lydon said, "I made a bloody big noise when I began, and I don't expect that noise to die off anytime soon. I'm very proud of that. But that's where I learned to write songs. And here's the fruit of that tree. PiL." That fruit, as it were, will ripen the 9:30 Club tonight on a rare U.S. tour which they've dubbed "No Shit Now Rock."

The "bloody big noise" Lydon referred to is of course The Sex Pistols, an association Lydon will never escape (nor does he seem to want to). Even though the Pistols were only together for three years (not counting post-Sid Vicious reunions) and released just one album, their influence on music is incalculable and has largely overshadowed everything Lydon has done since. Which is a shame, as PiL's output has been consistently solid. Their second album, Metal Box, is considered a post-punk classic. In May they released their ninth album and first in 20 years, This Is PiL, and it was a surprisingly effective return. This is PiL continues their unique fusion of rock, pop, electronica, and dub, which should make for a fantastic live performance. But of course it's not just the music - you go to a PiL show to see Lydon. Even at 56 the former Johnny Rotten still gives it everything he's got when he performs, and he certainly isn't shy about keeping his unique opinions to himself. One can only imagine what he'll say while addressing a DC crowd.

Tickets are still available. Get em while they're hot folks!