La Sera

Paul's Top 10 of 2012 (so far)

What's a word economist? F@#@ if I know, but Paul is a pretty damn good one. And while we may not agree (Often? Ever?) on what is good in new music these days, ChunkyGlasses just wouldn't be the same without his "dark cloud" of curmodgeonly goodness. 

Oh, and that picture above is both recent and accurate. Resistance is futile. 

LIVE: La Sera @ The Red Palace 5/18/12

Let’s get this out of the way up front: La Sera is Katy Goodman (and her band) and Katy Goodman is “Kickball Katy,” bassist extraordinaire for Brooklyn’s own Vivian Girls.  When an artist is in an active band, especially one with the kind of popularity and zeitgeist-friendly credentials as Vivian Girls, forging an individual identity that doesn’t sound like a watered down version of the artist’s “main band” or a mere vanity project can be a challenge.1  Indeed, the rock landscape is dotted, Ozymandias-like, with the moldering remains of these monuments to ego and excess.2  But, at their best, these solo projects introduce the world to an artist’s individual musical vision, separate from the constraints of the collective needs of her existing band.

TONIGHT!: La Sera @ The Red Palace!!!

Quick question: What are you doing this Friday night?  Getting drunk at an overcrowded bar?  Standing in line to see some $200M blockbuster movie that you will be able to stream on demand in a few months?  Fighting your cats for a sandwich?

Nah, of course're cooler than that.  You're going to join us at Red Palace to experience La Sera's (Katy Goodman of Vivian Girls fame) unique and infectious brand of girl group influenced pop-punk.   Touring in support of her standout second album, Sees the Light, Ms. Goodman is sure to pack more excitement into the Red Palace's intimate space than you'll see in any theater this weekend.  And hey, you can have a few brews with the CG crew too (just leave the cats at home).

Here's a taste of what you can expect.  Tickets are still available - we'll see you there.