Last Cab From Tunis

Live Music: White Denim w/Hundred Visions @ The Rock and Roll Hotel - 4/10/12

Photos: Joy Asico (

Everyone tosses around “killing it” these days.  This band was killing it at the arena, that kid killed it on his psych exam, your roast beef sandwich killed it at the potluck -- overuse of the phrase has become, well, epic.  That said, White Denim and Hundred Visions freaking KILLED IT at the Rock & Roll Hotel, in an Austin, Texas, double-bill that once again proved the ChunkyGlasses rule of Never Miss the Opening Band...Ever.

Sometimes what this town needs is an honest-to-G*d rock show, like head in the speakers, earnest, feeling it kick-ass rock and roll.  Hundred Visions, on tour to support their EP Last Cab from Tunis, galloped on stage and dove head-first into a 45-minute set that never came up for air.  Sprinkling a layer of funk over a solid stream of old-Replacements-style rock, lead singer Ben Maddox personified every reason why you should and should not fall in love with a musician - he had an instantaneous connection with every member of the mostly packed house, and he didn’t invite so much as demand that everyone “move forward and get sweaty.”  Done and done, sir.  Although the band has formally released only one 3-song EP, I’m confident they left D.C. with a horde of new fans, and hopefully when they swing back our way it will be as a headliner with more material in step with their killing-it EP.  

PRESS PLAY: Hundred Visions - "Last Cab From Tunis" (video)

Sounds Like: Talking Heads, LCD Soundsystem, the twang of South Texas and just about everything else that is right in the world.
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