Let It Beard

Album Review: Boston Spaceships - Let It Beard

“A Subconscious concept album about the sorry state of rock and roll… the White Album meets Quadrophenia meets Jesus Christ Superstar…”

So says Robert Pollard about Let it Beard, the monstrous 2X LP swansong from his current band (non-reunion/non Circus Devils category), Boston Spaceships.  This bold pronouncement, coming as it does from one of the elder statesmen of the indie rock (and just plain rock) community is simultaneously a statement of purpose, a rallying cry, and a challenge to the young guns on the scene in all of their ghettoized sub-genres of pop music to kick it up a notch if they truly wish to Rock.

And make no mistake, it is Rock at its most fundamental and iconic that concerns Pollard and the rest of his Spaceships brethren on this album.  On Let it Beard, they reach into the past to grasp hold of, not the roots of Rock and Roll, but the full 70s-era, arena-ready flowering of the form.  Of course, as any pop music lover (or casual FM Radio listener) can attest, the only proper way to deliver a manifesto on Rock is through the format that reached its pinnacle in the heyday of Zeppelin, Floyd, and The Who – the Double LP.